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By John Whitman

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Hoole, Tash, Zak and Deevee head for Kiva, a dismal global at the Outer Rim. by some means, Hoole is aware that's the place Gog's laboratory lies. There, Tash and Zak will eventually examine Hoole's poor mystery. and they will come face-to-face with a scary new creature, the first actual soldier in Gog's military of Terror. The creature is a mix of each one in all Gog's terrible experiments, and there's just one approach to defeat him. Can Tash and Zak work out the reply earlier than it is too past due? (Digest)

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The rest of the stormtrooper quickly followed. Skin, bone, organs, everything, simply turned to liquid and was absorbed into Eppon. Tash and Zak both gagged. The trooper's empty armor clattered to the ground as the other Imperials stared in disbelief. Eppon took advantage of their shock and attacked another trooper. " Tash shuddered. "You have to," Zak whispered. " It was true. Absorbing the troopers made Eppon stronger. Before their eyes, he had another growth spurt, becoming taller and older.

They could barely see, and the farther they walked into the shadowy place, the less light they found to see by. "I may be able to help," Deevee whispered. Something clicked inside his metallic head, and his photoreceptors lit up, casting a pale light into the darkness. It didn't penetrate very far, but it was better than being totally blind. Tash could feel the wraiths moving all around her, but none of them attacked. Tash had the impression that their attention was focused elsewhere- toward the center of their dark circle.

A blaster bolt flashed over their shoulders and smashed into the control board, sending a shower of sparks into the air. Tash, Zak, and Deevee whirled around, expecting to see Imperial stormtroopers behind them. Instead they saw a face from beyond the grave. The face of a Shi'ido. The face of Borborygmus Gog. " Zak blurted out. Gog grinned an evil grin. His clothes were torn and stained with oil and dirt. His face was covered in scratches and bruises. He was a Shi'ido like Hoole, and the first time she had seen Gog, Tash had mistaken him for her uncle.

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