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A uncomplicated textual content protecting the actual phenomena serious about digital conduction; ways that those phenomena mix to control the features, rankings, and obstacles of digital units; and purposes of electronics to a number of the branches of electric engineering.

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30, [ 67] 15 'V. B. Nottingham, "Electrical and Luminescent Properties of Phosphors under Electron Bombardment," J. App. , 10 ( 1 9 39). 73-82. A rt. 5] DEFLECTION IN A CATHODE-RA Y T UBE 23 'When a voltage is applied between the deflecting plates, the elec­ trons acquire a velocity. Jd perpendicular to the axis of the tube as they pass through the field in the region between the plates . Instead of striking the screen at the point R, they n ow strike it at some other point , say S. On the assumption that the fringing of the field at the edges of the deflecting plates can be neglected and that the plates are parallel to the axis of the tube, the field betv,-een the plates is uniform and perpendicular to the axis of the tube, and a relation can be found for the deflection d.

Me vp d [69] Because of the uniform acceleration, the electron describes a parabolic path, and it emerges with the speed [70] After the electron leaves the region between the plates, its path is a straight line, since it is assumed then to be in a field-free space. If the straight-line path is projected backward , it can be shown to pass through the point 0 at the center of the plates. Then, by simil ar triangles, [7 1] where l. is the distance from the center o f the plates t o the screen. Substitution of Eq.

N. Ridenour, Edito r , Radar System Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Laboratory Series. Vol. , 1 947); D. G. Fink, Radar Engineering (New York: McGraw·HilI Book Company, Inc 1 947). 14 J. H. '1Iodem 08cilloscopes and Their Uses (New York: Murray H ill Books, Inc 1 949); J. F. Ryder and S. D. Uslan, Encyclopedia on Cathode· Ray Oscillo· scopes and Their Uses (New York: John F. Ryder P ublish er. , 1 950). • Fig. 3. E. ) General classification of electron-beam tubes. (This chart is taken from "Standards on Electron Tubes: t¢ <;::, � � o '<; � t:-i t:-i t;J � &3 .....

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