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By W Wynn Westcott

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Old Ritualistic Lore and Prophecies of the long run Made show up to guy. With 8 Diagrams. Contents: The Kabalah; the sensible Kabalah; The Dogmatic Kabalah

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The other Archangels of the D THE KABALAH Universe, who govern in their courses all the heavenly bodies, and the evolutions of the dwellers on them: He is, according to the Kabalists, the efficient God of our Earth,-the Greek Demiourgos. The other Arch-Angels are according to Macgregor IVlathers, Ratziel, Tzaphkiel, Tzadquiel, Ka~ael, 1-lichael, Haniel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Sandalphon. ; they are the officers of the great Arch-Angels. The Hosts of Angels of the Sephiroth are Chaioth ha kodesh, Auphanim, Arelim, Chashmalim, Seraphim, Melakim, Elohim, Beni Elohim, Cherubim, and tenthly the Ishim who -are the Beatified Souls of men and \\-'omen.

Finally, all these ideals are resumed in a single form, the Tenth Sephira, MLKUT, Malkuth, the Shekinah, the Kingdom, also sometimes called Tzedek, Righteousness. ower limbs right and left; J esod refers to the digestive and reproductive organs and abdomen; and lastly Malkuth is compared to - the feet as a basis or foundation of man upon this earth or lowest plane: see the plate of The Adam Kadmon, Archetypal Man, or The First Adam. These Triads were looked upon as formed of a Principle of Union and a male an d female potency, and thus a Balance, MTQLA, ~lethequela, exists.

This Spirit is the true Deity, or Infinite THE DOGMATIC KABALAH 39 Being, the" Ain Suph," the Cause of all causes, and of all effects. " The lJniverse is an immanent offspring of the Divine, which is manifested in a million forms of differentiation. The Universe is yet distinct from God, even as an effect is distinct ยท from a cause; yet it is not apart from Deity, it is not a transient effect, it is immanent in the Cause. It is God made manifest to Man. r Spirit is the highest manifestation of matter.

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