David M. Rothwell's An Introduction to Relational Database Theory PDF

By David M. Rothwell

ISBN-10: 0077074823

ISBN-13: 9780077074821

This e-book is a practical textual content designed to permit the reader to take advantage of the database INGRES, with the minimal volume of attempt. It offers the basic starting place for turning into both knowledgeable person of the method or getting to know database layout. Combining a pragmatic strategy with a theoretical knowing, this article permits the reader to develop into expert in INGRES and to appreciate what gains are getting used and why.

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A read-only operator, when invoked, yields a value; an update operator doesn’t. x Operator versus invocation: “+” is an operator; the expression X+1 denotes an invocation of “+”. x Parameter versus argument: The expressions X and 1 denote arguments to the invocation of +; the operator + is defined to have two parameters. When an operator is invoked, an argument must be substituted for each of its defined parameters. The term argument strictly refers to the value or variable denoted by the argument expression but is often used to refer to the expression itself.

X values and representations of values The character string value denoted by 'S1' is a possible representation of the student identifier S1, a value of type SID denoted by SID('S1'). x types and representations POSSREP { C CHAR } defines a possible representation for all values of type SID. x read-only operators and update operators “+” is a read-only operator because, when it is invoked, it returns a value. , updating the variable by changing its value)and does not return a value. x operators and invocations SID is an operator.

3. 4. 5. In the given expression, = and OR are _____ whereas X and Y are _____ references. X and 1 denote _____ to an invocation of _____. The value _____ by the given expression is of _____ BOOLEAN. 1 and 2 are both _____ of _____ INTEGER. The operators used in the given expression are _____ operators. In 6-10, consider the expression RELATION { X SID, Y CID } { }. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. It denotes a relation whose _____ is zero and whose _____ is two. It is a relation _____. The declared type of Y is _____.

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