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It is known that our senses are adapted to receive only an infinitesimal fraction of the possible rates of vibration. com 41 MAGIC WITHOUT TEARS ties in the service of man, as in the case of the rays of Hertz and Roentgen. As Tyndall said, man might at any moment learn to perceive and utilize vibrations of all conceivable and inconceivable kinds. The question of Magick is a question of discovering and employing hitherto unknown forces in nature. ) 13. Every man is more or less aware that his individuality comprises several orders of existence, even when he maintains that his subtler principles are merely symptomatic of the changes in his gross vehicle.

Sir James Jeans might have said this, only his banker advised him to cash in on God. The simplest form of this expression is 0 = 2, elsewhere expounded at great length. This 2 might itself be expressed in an indefinitely great number of ways. Every prime number, including some not in the series of "natural numbers", is an individual. g. 41817) are composed of their primes. Each of these ideas may be explained, investigated, understood, by means very various. Firstly, the Hebrew, Greek and Arabic numbers are also letters.

Like a driving band, you cannot tie a knot in it; all the complexities you can contrive are "Tom Fool" knots, and unravel at the proper touch. Always either Naught or Two! But every new re-arrangement throws further light on the possible tangles, that is, on the Nature of the String itself. ) and that grows mightily with Experience. It is accordingly well worth while to fulfill oneself in every conceivable manner. It is then (you will say) impossible to "do wrong", since all phenomena are equally "Illusion" and the answer is always "Nothing".

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