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By Ahmed Aghrout, Redha. M Bougherira, Professor John Keiger

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This publication, through delivering an up to date, systematic analytical account on adjustments in Algeria, makes a priceless contribution to the literature in this state that has no longer but got a lot recognition within the Anglo-American academy. Its virtue is that it fullyyt specializes in Algeria, therefore departing from present experiences facing the whole geographical zone of North Africa or the Maghreb.

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This factor is perhaps more significant in Algeria than in Yugoslavia, where there had been a falling birth rate. By contrast, post-independence Algeria experienced a population explosion. Initially, the investment in education, which was endorsed by Boumédienne in order to help provide the skilled labour that was required by the industries of the ‘industrializing industries’ strategy, successfully countered the impact of this demographic growth. However, it could only do so as long as the economy was growing fast enough to absorb new labour resources, or while emigration was a viable alternative route.

It represents another example of the conflation of the analytic and the normative, in that the economics of migration and the politics of migration are themselves conflated. In practice, they have to be seen as essentially different phenomena. Indeed, Hirschman’s discussion of the relationship between ‘exit’ and ‘voice’ is pertinent, as it is by no means clear that migration is always detrimental. 60 If Boumédienne’s presidency was essentially compromised for Nouschi, and Benjedid’s presidency was therefore one that offered a new return to the sources of the ‘Algerian Revolution’, Bouamama has to reconcile the view that the industrial policy of the Boumédienne regime was essentially correct, while welcoming the new directions in agricultural policy adopted by the Benjedid regime.

What is of course different between them are their strategies for exit. In some ways, this discussion recalls the debates of French economists of the first half of the nineteenth century such as Say, Blanqui, Chevalier,22 who sought to find the recipe for the promotion of the economic growth of the French economy by visiting England and the United States. Then among the solutions to the French economic impasse was the envisaging of Algeria as the ‘Wild West’ of the French economy. 23 By this he means the place of opportunity, as well as of the provider of the required creative dynamic, to catalyse or kick-start an economy such as France’s in the nineteenth century.

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