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Otherwise, Afghanistan was barely touched by the war. Its neutrality allowed Afghanistan to increase its trade of agricultural products with numerous nations, most notably India. When the war ended, Afghanistan pursued relations with both the United States and the Soviet Union. The cold war that developed in the late 1940s between the two superpowers forced Afghanistan to the sidelines. It refused to commit itself to one country or the other. Trouble with Pakistan Afghanistan, however, could not avoid conflict with a new neighbor, Pakistan.

S. servicemen killed, the United States threatened to attack Afghanistan if bin Laden was found to be behind the bombing. THE NEW INVADERS (1979 TO THE PRESENT) ■ 35 But as the year 2000 came to close, few Americans were concerned about events in Afghanistan. S. election in 100 years, from which Republican George W. Bush (b. 1946) finally emerged as the surprise victor (he was inaugurated on January 20, 2001). Afghanistan and its problems seemed remote to America. All that changed nine months later on a beautiful late summer morning in New York City.

Meanwhile, Amin accused the United States of undermining his government and providing aid to the rebels. S. ambassador Adolph Dubs was kidnapped by Afghans and later murdered. The United States immediately cut all aid to the country. As the situation worsened, the Soviet Union urged Amin to moderate his Marxist policies to gain the support of the people, but he stubbornly refused. The Soviets quietly built up their troop force at the Afghan border in the north. Then on Christmas Day, 1979, Soviet troops crossed the border and invaded Afghanistan.

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