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President Obama and the united kingdom Labour and Coalition governments have all subsidized the renewed momentum for critical development in the direction of a global freed from nuclear guns, while the united kingdom reveals itself launched into a debatable and dear programme to resume its Trident nuclear guns process. What does the united kingdom technique inform concerning the customers for disarmament?

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46 Alex Salmond’s SNP comfortably won a second term in 2011 in a historic victory and announced their intention to hold a referendum on Scottish independence. 49 As campaigning for the May 2010 General Election gathered pace all three parties committed to a full review of defence and security policy. A key question was whether Trident replacement would be included. During the first ever televised leadership debates Trident emerged as a key issue. During the first of the leaders’ debates Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg repeatedly asked how Gordon Brown or David Cameron ‘could justify or afford £100bn over 25 years on a nuclear missile system, which was designed specifically to flatten St Petersburg or Moscow’, and said ‘the world has moved on and I think you two need to move with it’.

He said, ‘the UK has a vision of a world free of nuclear weapons and, in partnership with everyone who shares that ambition, we intend to make further progress towards this vision in the coming years’ and that he too wanted ‘the UK to be seen as a “disarmament laboratory”. 28 The UK hosted a conference of the five recognised Nuclear Weapons States (UK, France, China, Russia, and USA) in September 2009 in London to explore confidence-building measures towards nuclear disarmament, the first of its kind.

MoD struggled to come to a judgement leading to a substantial delay in the Initial Gate decision originally scheduled for September 2009. ’63 The decision was finally taken in May 2011 when MoD opted for the PWR3 option in its report titled The United Kingdom’s Future Nuclear Deterrent: The Submarine Initial Gate Parliamentary Report. Delay was also induced by the need to stay in line with the US programme to replace its Ohio-class submarines. The future of the British nuclear weapons programme is intimately linked to the United States, a relationship explored further in Chapter 6.

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