A Matter of Honor (Stargate: SG-1, Book 3) by Sally Malcolm PDF

By Sally Malcolm

ISBN-10: 0954734327

ISBN-13: 9780954734329

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Five years after significant Henry Boyd and his staff, SG-10, have been trapped at the fringe of a black gap, Colonel Jack O'Neill discovers a tool which could carry them domestic. yet it's owned through the Kinahhi, a complicated and paranoid humans, besieged via a ruthless foe. Unwilling to percentage the expertise, the Kinahhi are pursuing their very own schedule within the negotiations with Earth's diplomatic delegation.

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He looked at the ground as his attendants retreated silently into the shadow’s penumbra at the edge of the room. An engraved ‘U’ was carved into the centre of the chamber, chased in silver on a circular field of blue. Hektor stood in the middle of it, in exactly the position that he had started. He allowed himself a smile as he beckoned his attendants to bring forth his armour. A great day was fast approaching. It had been a long time since he had seen his fellow Ultramarines. He and five hundred of his battle-brothers had been far from their native Ultramar for three years, as they helped prosecute the Emperor’s Great Crusade to bring enlightenment to the galaxy and repatriate the lost colonies of man by fighting the Vektates of Arkenath.

It showed the Furious Abyss’s cavernous engine room, the prostrate cylinders of the plasma reactors dwarfing the crewmen who scrabbled around them in their routine duties. The crew wore the deep crimson of the Word Bearers; they were servants of Lorgar just as the Word Bearers were, devoted to the primarch’s Word and grateful for such a certain place in the universe. They did not know the details of the Word, of course. They were ignorant of the web of allegiances and oaths that Lorgar had created among his brother primarchs, or of the mission that would seal the inevitability of the Word Bearers’ victory.

Huge, long tables and stout wooden benches filled the place, which was empty except for Brynngar and the groaning Blood Claws. Tapestries of the deeds of Fenris swathed the walls. The muster halls of the Ultramarines were austere and regimented; this one, fashioned by the artisans of Leman Russ’s Legion, looked more like a rustic long-house from the inside. ‘A pity you could not have joined in sooner,’ Brynngar remarked. ’ ‘With regret, we must decline,’ Cestus replied, secretly relieved; he had no desire to go a second round with the burly Space Wolf.

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