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Salt Cellar Suspension Crafty Catch Quick Tie Handkerchief Sum Trick! Rope Through Body Soapy Secret Sweets To The Sweet Spotted That Rings A Bell Clip The Card The Travelling Coin Food And Drink Aces Discovery Unburstable Balloon Spin Vanish Money, Money, Money Where Are The Matches?

Then tip the box to show they have vanished. Spotted Effect: You predict the numbers on two dice. Secret: On a postcard write the numbers four and five. Place the card in an envelope. Glue two dice in one end of the drawer of a large matchbox with the four and five spots uppermost. Put two loose dice in the other end of the drawer. Open the matchbox to show the loose dice. Close the drawer and ask a spectator to shake the box. Take the box back and open the drawer at the end containing the glued dice.

Secret: You need six blank cards, one of which is fractionally longer than the others. Hand five cards to spectators and ask them to write down foods. The long card is handed to someone with the request that he write the name of a drink. The cards are mixed up and handed back to you. Without looking you immediately pick out the drink card. You can detect it quite easily by touch. ★ ★ ★ 32 ★ Aces Discovery Effect: You hold a shuffled pack behind your back and locate the four Aces Secret: Secretly remove the Aces from the pack.

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